Your Complete Guide to Driving Sales in your Business

How confident are you in generating sales? So many business owners struggle with sales and the balance of feeling genuine but still making money. You CAN do both. Learn the best strategies to build relationships and increase profits.

Meet Your Instructors

Bunny Sumner Young & Patrick McFadden

She's a counselor, small business owner, business development coach and lives her mission of making the world a better place. He's a strategic marketing and sales consultant, small business owner, process guru, and is on a mission to drive small business growth.

Let us help you create your growth strategy

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  • The UnSales Approach

    Based on years of business development success and a throughout understanding of human psychology and buying behavior, Death of a Salesman creator Bunny Young brings a refreshing and realistic approach to business growth that all business owners can adopt.

  • Your Roadmap

    After viewing our 12 video modules and the completing the course workbook exercises, you will have identified all of the growth strategy components for YOUR business.

  • Small Business Success

    Join the hundreds of small business owners who have adopted this growth strategy and have experienced success without buying lead lists, cold calling, and pressure-filled sales approaches.

Video Course & Workbook

Course videos

  • 1

    1 Welcome!

    • Video 1
    • Workbook Welcome Pages
  • 2

    2 The Why [Core Values & The YOU Factor]

    • workbook pages 5-8
    • Video 2
    • How Long to Get Comfortable with Sales?
  • 3

    3 The Who [Your Ideal Client & Referral Partners]

    • workbook pages 10-27
    • Video 3
    • Why Ideal Client?
    • 5 Steps to Ideal Clients
  • 4

    4 The What [Paint Points & Conversations]

    • workbook page 21
    • Video 4
  • 5

    5 The Where [Finding your Ideal Clients & Partners]

    • workbook pages 20 & 25
    • DOAS Video 5 v2
  • 6

    6 When [Asking for the Sale?]

    • workbook pages 28-34
    • Video 6
    • Customer Journey
  • 7

    7 Salespeople [When do I need to hire?]

    • Video 7 Part 1
    • Video 7 Part 2
    • Video 7 Part 3
  • 8

    8 Referral Program

    • workbook pages 26-27
    • Video 8
  • 9

    9 Touchpoints

    • workbook pages 30-37
    • Video 9
  • 10

    10 Top 5 Sales Secrets

    • Video 10
  • 11

    11 Homework

    • Video 11
  • 12

    12 Top Business Owner Questions

    • Top Question Video 1
    • Top Question Video 2


Do you feel like you’re trying to sell to anyone and everyone? Do you feel like your sales process is a commodity? Is price always an issue with your clients? Do you seem to be attracting the wrong types of clients? Are you struggling to stand out from your competitors? The answers to the questions above aren’t found in Email Templates, Social Media, or Cold Calling– these are sales strategy problems and they can only be addressed with sales strategy answers. Once you develop a sales process that is perfect for your business you’ll suddenly discover:

  • How to attract your ideal customers

  • How to connect with ideal referral partners

  • How to turn your prospects into clients

  • When to bring on marketing and sales support

  • Where to find your prospects online

  • How to give clients the support they need to be raving fans

Stop selling now.

Start working on the growth strategy that will serve you well.

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