We've all been there.

So much to do and no idea even where to start.

So many people are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, like they don't have enough time to spend with family, like they don't have enough time for themselves, like their business runs them, they aren't accomplishing their goals. You want more time to do the things that you love, with less stress, and more results both personally and professionally. The good news is that you are only 90 days away from achieveing that!
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DEFY Program:

90-day course with coaching and support that enables you to implement and keep the habits that drive results.

  • DEFY Course Book

    The 7 Step Book Includes: • Goal Worksheet • Overwhelm Busting Outcome Organizer • 90 Day Calendar • Freedom Model Calendar • Keep Focused 12 Month Calendar • Rituals for Success Worksheet

  • Video Lessons

    Most courses have workbooks or lessons. But we made sure you had both video and workbook lessons in the course for maximum impact.

  • One-on-one Coaching Calls

    Two coaching calls with Bunny in order to reduce your learning curve and bring real results. You can use them whenever you need during the program. This is your opportunity to work with Bunny on real results in the way that is best for you.

  • Group Coaching Calls

    Monthly group coaching calls with Bunny Young. This is your tribe, a group of business owners who are going through Defy together. Receive feedback, support, ideas, resources, and motivation as they share what is working for them, what is not, and you overcome obstacles together. So many great relationships have been formed from these calls!

  • Facebook Group Support

    Access to the Private Facebook "Difference Makers" Group, consisting of other individuals who have reduced their overwhelm and are now making money while making a difference. Each month you will have access to a LIVE Q & A with Bunny in which she will answer all questions you have sent in the past month and live questions.

  • Accountability Emails

    Each week you will receive an email with the week's resource, focus, a message from Bunny and reminder about the calls and videos. In other words, 12 emails jammed packed with information and reminders to keep you on track.

If you can relate to any of these statements below, you are in the right place:

  • You are missing out on precious time with your children and spouse or loved one

  • You have accomplished all that you can do solo in your business and feel like you have hit a ceiling

  • You feel that there are not enough hours in the day

  • Your email inbox is a to-do list

  • You wake up each day checking your calendar to see what is next

  • You open emails and mark them as unread again because you do not have time to deal with it right now

  • You want to make a difference and give back to the community but not sure that you can afford it or where to start

  • You have multiple lists of things that need to be accomplished

  • You have watched 50 free webinars with good information but cannot find the time to actually implement the information

  • You started the business or career for more freedom both financially and personally and now you feel like you have less


Course, Workbook, Coaching (group and 1-on-1), Facebook Group

DEFY Course Steps

  • 1

    Introduction to How to eliminate overwhelm FOREVER in just 90 Days

  • 2

    Before we begin, let's check in

    • A message from your instructor
    • Baseline Check In for Today
  • 3

    Step 1: Your Dreams

    • Step 1 Worksheets
    • Step 1 Video
  • 4

    Step 2: Organize Your Dreams

    • Step 2 Worksheets
    • Step 2 Video
    • Step 2 Video Part 2
  • 5

    Step 3: Find Your Motivation

    • Step 3 Worksheets
    • Step 3 Video
  • 6

    Step 4: A Year of Clarity

    • Step 4 Worksheets
    • Step 4 Video
  • 7

    Step 5: Break it Down

    • Step 5 Worksheet
    • Step 5 Video
  • 8

    Step 6: How to get it all done

    • Step 6 Worksheet
    • Step 6 Video
  • 9

    Step 7: Get more done in less time-It's possible

    • Step 7 Worksheet
    • Step 7 Video
  • 10

    BONUS just for you!!!

    • Bonus Video "How to get the most out of these tips and hacks"
    • Bonus Productivity Sheet
  • 11

    Next Steps...

    • More resources for you-Check Back Often!
    • Extras, Notes page and Social Media Info
    • Before you go...
    • Upcoming Calls and Videos

DEFY Expectations

Envision what your personal and professional life looks like with more results and less overwhelm.

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